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React.js eCommerce

Deliver remarkable eCommerce experiences with a storefront built on a React.js framework and powered by Elastic Path. Gain complete control of your storefront with lightning-fast load times.

What Is React.js?

React.js is one of the most highly used open-source JavaScript Libraries available. This popular framework enables teams to create beautiful custom eCommerce websites and web apps with minimal effort or coding.

According to research done by Stack Overflow in 2021, React.js became the most popular web framework overtaking jQuery, with 40.14% of professional developers preferring to use the framework. More than 10M live websites worldwide use React.js, according to BuiltWith. The React.js framework’s popularity can be attributed to its wide range of benefits and ease of use for everyone from raw beginners to seasoned developers. This widespread use also means that if you opt to get outside help working with React.js for your brand, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to finding an expert developer to work with.

Reasons to use react.js framework for eCommerce

Both business and IT teams can see great results from using a React.js framework to build their eCommerce website’s storefront. Notable benefits of using React.js for your eCommerce site include:

  1. Speed: The component-based approach to React.js gives developers the ability to re-use code snippets across ecommerce apps or even multiple web applications. This accelerates the time-to-market for new touchpoints or features and makes it easier to change or debug existing ones.
  2. Performance: Due to a virtual DOM, eCommerce sites or web applications developed using React.js benefit from a notable boost in performance compared to other frameworks such as Jquery. Because React.js will selectively update an area of the site that a user has engaged with using the Virtual DOM, it takes less loading power to do so. When applied to a single feature of your site, this difference might seem insignificant but when applied to multiple features, and especially across a dynamic complex eCommerce website, it can save your shoppers a lot of time. This boost in site performance means a fast and seamless shopping experience for your end users.
  3. Developer Experience: React.js code is easier to maintain than many other frameworks due to its component-based nature, which saves a lot of time and effort in the long term. In addition, the available development tools boost developer productivity, allowing for increased development and testing efficiency.

The React.js network is also extensive. Not only do developers globally love React.js, but the technology is also backed by Facebook, so the available libraries of components are constantly growing, making it easy for developers to learn the framework and build everything from small, lightweight storefronts to large, complex eCommerce ecosystems.

What are the features of react.js eCommerce?

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