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AngularJS eCommerce

Quickly deliver unique commerce solutions and experiences with AngularJS and Elastic Path. AngularJs is fully extensible and supports Google's largest applications.

Key Features of AngularJS

There are an array of features of AngularJS that make it easier and more efficient for software developers to create applications including:

  1. Model View Controller (MVC): Framework MVC makes it easier to build a separate client-side application. With AngularJS, even if the MVC elements were developed separately, you can combine them. There is no need to write extra code to combine all the attributes together. 
  2. User Interface with HTML: User interfaces in AngularJS are built on HTML. It is a declarative language which has shorter tags and is extremely easy to comprehend. Even the interface it provides is organized, smooth, and structured.
  3. Plain Old Javascript (POJO): As compared to other frameworks, AngularJS uses POJO (Plain Old JavaScript) objects. Now, that means you do not need to add additional getter and setter elements to bind AngularJS along with additional data sources. This makes AngularJS self-sufficient and easy to use. The well planned and quick application of the POJO model is one of the reasons to use AngularJS in your next development project.
  4. Routing: Routing is basically the transition from one view to another. Now, this is the key aspect of single-page applications. With AngularJS, you can make various views for various URLs. AngularJS also enables you to load the appropriate view on the main page for a specific URL request.
  5. Two-Way Binding: Data binding is the automatic synchronization of data between the view and the model. The view indicates the HTML and the model indicates the JavaScript variables. With two-way data binding, the application's presentation layer becomes very simple. As a result, the UI is clean and has an improved appeal. Also, complex data manipulations and calculations can be done with ease.

AngularJS FAQ

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