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Composable Commerce Re-Imagined

Better commerce and better outcomes start with Elastic Path’s modular commerce suite.

Compose your frontend

Composable Frontend

CX Studio

Build your own

Composable Frontend

Build Next.js storefronts in minutes!

It has never been simpler for developers to get started with Elastic Path storefronts.

  • Total control over every aspect of your shopping experience
  • Opinionated without the lock-in: made with React, Tailwind, & Radix UI
  • Component-based using Elastic Path React hooks

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CX Studio

Point & click visual editing for business users

A component driven-page builder that allows users to quickly build websites and landing pages without the hassle.

  • Empower your marketing team with powerful editing features that you design
  • Easily customize building block components to meet your requirements with HTML, Javascript, & CSS
  • Build on CX Studio’s world class out-of-the box shopping experience – focus on what makes your business unique

Build your own

Integrate with any frontend solution

  • Build from scratch or integrate with an existing stack
  • Integrate with 3rd party tools such as Contentful, or other content management systems
  • Build with our APIs or leverage our JS SDK & React Hooks

Tackle your biggest business challenges with a
suite of merchandising tools.

LTV 50%

Expert services. World class support.

We’re partners with global commerce leaders for a reason. There’s a reason Gartner has names us a commerce visionary 5 years running.

You’re in great company!

“With Elastic Path, we’re able to make product configurations that can withstand the volume of permutations needed, and that’s integral to our business.”

Cat Stineman

Vice President, eCommerce

“Product Experience Manager has made it more seamless for our team to launch new products, make changes, and update our merchandising strategy.”

Donna Quinlan Felix

Head of Product

“We selected Elastic Path because we believe in the same thing: innovating our business together. Having a partner who truly believes in what you are looking to create is the best partner out there.”

Rebecca Hicks

eCommerce Product Manager

“Never have I come across a company that so thoughtfully, consistently, and gracefully delivers on the intention behind the concept of ‘client success’ as Elastic Path.”

Frank Ricciardi


“Elastic Path is by far the best vendor I've ever worked with. The entire Elastic Path team from support, to customer success, to global services, to product always shows up with urgency and have been a pleasure to work with.”

Jeff Neil

VP, Software Engineering

“Elastic Path empowered us to explore new revenue opportunities with their simple yet flexible commerce platform.”

Kody Meyers

Senior Director of Product

“Digital is a game of speed. You want to be supported and you want to be able to make changes quickly. The win with Elastic Path is that we can act with speed.”

Rebecca Hicks

eCommerce Product Manager

“When it came to choosing a composable commerce partner, Elastic Path stood out. It felt like Elastic Path wanted to walk the journey with us to create experiences that delight our customers and drive revenue.”

Velinda Cox

Senior Vice President, eCommerce

“My team loves the Elastic Path. At just 6 weeks post go-live our team has already shaved off 50% of the time it used to take to manage orders.”

Jeff Neil

VP, Software Engineering

“We wanted a more modern architecture that would allow us to be more nimble as a team, both from a development standpoint and a site merchandiser perspective. We feel confident that Elastic Path helps us reach that goal.”

Cat Stineman

Vice President, eCommerce

“Our merchandising and marketing teams feel more in control of their destiny and the company’s performance. We no longer have to rely on IT for many aspects of what we want to optimize and improve with our sites.”

Gord Elder

Gord Elder Vice President

“Elastic Path gives our non-technical users the ability to make changes and update the front-end experience and catalog without relying on our development team and this has allowed us to scale a lot faster.”

Amar Bhatia

Senior Product Manager

Your commerce goals are within reach.
Are you ready to realize them?

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