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Need a Shopify alternative? Explore Elastic Path Composable Commerce

Stop settling for boring, cookie-cutter digital commerce. Quickly create unique commerce experiences without the complexity and risk.

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Shopify Alternative: Elastic Path Composable Commerce

How does Elastic Path compare to shopify plus?

In order to achieve your ambitious growth targets, outpace your competition, and drive customer loyalty you need a solution that offers the control and flexibility to support your unique brand requirements, without the risk of expensive, custom work to meet them. 

With Elastic Path, you can finally choose innovation & ease. Using our API-First Headless Commerce Platform and our business ready solutions, brands can design and deploy for their unique needs. Including:

  •  Embed cart & checkout into your existing website ​
  •  Launch a direct to consumer website
  •  Replatform your B2C eCommerce​
  •  Launch B2B eCommerce
  •  Replatform B2B eCommerce
  •  eCommerce for Regulated Goods & Services
  •  Unified commerce for multi-market brands
  •  Singular eCommerce engine for multi-site architectures
  •  IoT eCommerce
  •  In Store Contactless Check-out