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TA Digital - Solution for Rapid D2C



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CommerceFactory is a headless, enterprise-scaled commerce solution built for D2C commerce with transactional capabilities into emerging channels such as social, chat-bot, voice assistants, digital shopping malls and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as traditional ones like web and mobile. This Progressive Web Application pre-integrates CMS (Drupal), payments, tax, and shipping with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to power enhanced content-driven commerce experience- with ease. 


  • Launch in 90 days, guaranteed, with this fully-managed, pre-integrated solution
  • Reduce IT headcount costs with "ready-to-launch", pre-integrated solution that removes the need for delivery & support dev work
  • Delight customers with intuitive and engaging D2C experiences across channels

Supporting Docs

Included Features

  • Contextual Experience
    • Clear Call-to-Action
    • Customer Service Capability Included
    • Full-Width Design
    • Hidden Global Navigation on Checkout
    • Large Imagery
    • Promotion Banners
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • SEO-Friendly
    • Sophisticated Typography
    • Visual Search Results
  • Mobile Optimized
    • Cross-Platform Cart (Desktop & Mobile)
    • Designed for Speed & Simplicity
    • Enables Product Researching
    • Progressive Web Application
    • Quick Payment Methods
  • Content Management
    • 15-Page Elements and Product Blocks (e.g. Related Product, Commerce Banner)
    • Blog (includes filters and recommendations)
    • Content Workflow
    • Drag & Drop Content
    • Dynamic Image Scaling
    • Multi-Language
    • Personalization
    • Security
    • Templates
    • Visual Page-Builder (ability to create pages without coding)
    • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Advanced Commerce Features
    • Address Verification
    • Promotion
    • Catalog Syndication & Price Synch
    • Direct Discount Code at Checkout
    • Guest Checkout
    • Guided Shopping
    • Multi-Catalog Supported on Single Platform
    • Multiple Payment Options
    • Order Management
    • PCI Compliant
    • Product Bundles
    • Shipment & Ship Notifications
    • Single-Page Checkout
    • Unified Single Platform for B2C & B2B
    • User Account Management

Available Accelerators:

  • Content Management Systems
    • Drupal
    • Acquia
  • Search Engines:
    • Elastic Search
  • Payment Gateways:
    • Stripe
    • Cybersource


90 day project

Use Cases

Using CommerceFactory will give your commerce solution:

  • Productivity savings:
    • Digital marketing teams can publish work faster because our system makes it easier to create and distribute content provided by the enterprise-level CMS. With pre-build commerce components and page-builder, marketers can create new pages without developers.
  • Cost savings:
    • A fixed implementation cost is designed to remove risk exposure and guarantee speed-to-market for a fully functional elastic commerce platform. The reduced time-to-deploy solution with our pre-packaged best-fit “ready-to-launch” offering dramatically reduces total cost of ownership by millions.
  • API & open-source solution:
    • An open-source community-supported enterprise content management system (ECMS) system and the flexibility of an open-source headless API-based commerce platform allows extensibility into other channels. Our solutions provide complete ownership of the design, sites and code (there is no “black box").