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Cnetric - Business-Ready Solution for Dealer-Enabled D2C Commerce


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This business-ready solution eliminates the complexity of launching a dealer-integrated D2C channel by pre-assembling core commerce functionality from Elastic Path with Contentful for CMS, Algolia for search, and Stripe for payments. Plus, since this solution is built on Cnetric's Universal Commerce Framework, it's easy and fast to switch out partners on demand as business needs and competitive pressures change.

  • D2C web & mobile storefront built on REACT
  • Pre-Integrated Best-of-Breed Technology
  • Built on Cnetric's Universal Commerce Suite which enables low code/no code swapping of technology partners as needed and providing various options for
    • CMS
    • Search
    • Payments
    • OMS
  • Fully integrated dealer portal providing:
    • Inventory management updates process in real-time to the storefront
    • Pickup and delivery order processing with order status updates to customers
    • Support for curbside pickup


Supporting Docs

Accelerators to select from:

  • Content Management Systems:
    • Contentful
    • ContentStack
    • Strapi
  • Search Engines
    • Algolia
    • Elastic Search
    • Sajari
  • Payment Gateways
    • Paypal
    • Stripe
  • Order Management Systems:
    • Fluent



Use Cases

  • Direct to Consumer (D2C and B2C)
    • Customers have been moving online in droves and this has been further accelerated by COVID-19. Additionally, 3rd party data collection is being restricted as organizations try to limit cross-app tracking and 3rd party cookie tracking. Manufacturers who have been separated from their customers by their distribution networks, are now seeking to directly engage with those customers (whether business buyers or end consumers). This solution helps manufacturers accelerate their move to digital channels.
  • Dealer Fulfillment
    • Manufacturers develop dealer relationships over years. Introducing direct to consumer digital channels (web/mobile) poses a threat to those dealers who may feel left out of the consumer relationship. To avoid this channel conflict, Cnetric's pre-composed solution provides an option for enterprises to include dealers in the Direct-to-consumer relationship.
  • Technical Stack Flexibility
    • As the business grows, the needs of the enterprise evolve. With this pre-composed solution, the brand is now future-proof and able to quickly scale to meet the needs of the growing business.