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This Braze instant on integration is pre-built to support a no-code integration from Elastic Path Composable Commerce to Braze via the Integrations Hub in Commerce Manager. 

Braze is a SaaS platform that supports tracking and capture of Customer Engagement data for a brand, subsequently enables that brand to undertake real-time analytics on the captured data, and finally implements a targeted customer notification capability on multiple channels, including Mobile/Web Push, In App/Browser messaging, Content Cards, Email and SMS.

The current version of this integration between Braze and Elastic Path Composable Commerce provides Customer Profile information to the Braze platform. Future development will additionally provide Catalog/Product data and Customer Cart and Order integrations as well.

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Use Cases

  • Enables the ability to synchronize customer data from the EPCC Platform to the Braze Platform by responding to EPCC customers being created, updated and deleted and subsequently sending data to Braze User and Email endpoints.
  • Allows for a user to optionally declare which EPCC customer events should be observed and which Braze endpoints should have data pushed to.
  • Allows for a user to declare how the data supplied from EPCC is mapped to Braze endpoints.