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BORN - Solution for Multi-touchpoint Experiences



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Brands who strive to meet customer expectations by powering engaging experiences across touchpoints need commerce technology that promotes innovation, instead of being confined to cookie-cutter templates.  Legacy platforms tout the “all-in-one” simplicity of their offering but, in reality, their dated, rigid catalog management, search, and frontend capabilities force brands to blow resources on complex workarounds or settle for mediocre customer experiences.  This new Pre-Composed Solution™ for Multi-touchpoint Experiences gives eCommerce teams everything they need to ensure that customers easily discovery the right product at the correct price, regardless of where they are shopping, through fast and engaging experiences.  

What it is:

A business-ready solution for brands who need to power unlimited experiences, each requiring unique and complex catalogs, across touchpoints (mobile, web, app, in-store, etc), built by Elastic Path SI, BORN.  It comes pre-integrated with:

  • Vue Storefront for Frontend Platform 
  • Bloomreach Discovery for intelligent search & merchandising, product recommendations, and automated SEO
  • Bloomreach Content for content management
  • Avalara for tax
  • Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for core commerce capabilities
  • Elastic Path Payments, powered by Stripe

What it does:

This Pre-Composed Solution™ pre-integrates multiple vendors best-of-breed vendors across frontend, search & merchandising, content management, and core commerce (with a focus on multi-touchpoint product & catalog management capabilities) together.  This Pre-Composed Solution™ removes the manual effort, time, and cost of brands having to custom compose various multi-vendor solutions together and bring them to life in cohesive frontend experiences across touchpoints. 


Supporting Docs

Why it matters:

  • By eliminating the time-consuming effort of integration, brands can accelerated time-to-market, lower cost to implement, and de-risk their investment in Composable Commerce. 
  • Thanks to integration with Vue Storefront, this solution empowers business users with the ability to easily make changes to frontend experiences, across touchpoints, without reliance on IT. 
  • Catalog management in legacy monoliths makes managing numerous catalogs across touchpoints time consuming and complex.  This Pre-Composed Solution™ offers everything eCommerce teams needs, from complete control over product data & catalog management to flawless frontend product experience creation, for brands to finally showcase the right product, at the right price, in the right context.  This means customer expectations are met driving increased conversion and revenue.
  • Since this solution is built using a composble architecture, it is ultimately flexible and can be changed on the fly- whether customizing a commerce service, adding or removing a best-of-breed vendor, or rapidly spinning up a new experience.


Architecture Diagram


Training / Documentation

The documentation and training provided includes:

  • Frontend development training & documentation delivered via VUE Storefront Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Search and merchandising training & documentation delivered via Bloomreach LMS
  • Base Commerce and Composable Commerce development training & documentation delivered via EP LMS


  • Frontend hosting provided by VUE Storefront FaaS
  • Commerce hosting provided by Elastic Path

Use Cases

Complex Catalogs

  • Traditionally, complex catalogs tend to result in significant inertia throughout the entire digital experience. Management at the product level is time consuming and the subsequent representation of that complexity in the customer-facing experience is hard to change quickly and is thus relatively static.
  • This package of business capabilities pairs Elastic Path’s inherent ability to handle catalog complexity with seamless presentation in multiple channels 


Business-controlled Frontend Innovation

  • Frontend innovation can be easy to define but hard to execute typically requiring one-off efforts from development teams.
  • With the incorporation of VUE Storefront component-based framework, this package of business capabilities puts innovation back in the hands of the business users. Foundational elements can be built quickly and then configured and deployed in myriad combinations across multiple touchpoints