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Square POS




    Point of Sale


Square provides Point Of Sale (POS) solution helping businesses to streamline their processes when selling in person.  This could be anything from a retail store to a pop-up location or tradeshow.  Using the free iOS or Android app and hardware provided by Square, and integrating with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, you can easily enable customer payments in the format that works for you, anything from cash to contactless payments secured with chip or pin security measures.  Using Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and Square simplifies your commerce ecosystem as it allows you to use the same product, pricing and images used to sell in other channels like online purchases.  This means, you no longer need separate records for items sold online or in-person.  


    • Information synced between Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and Square:
      • Customers
      • Products information
      • Pricing 
      • Product image
    • In store purchases synced to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud providing single omnichannel purchase history

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      Use Cases


      • Enables your business to sell items in store (not just online)
      • Allows for single source of truth for product data, wherever makes the most sense for your business: Elastic Path Commerce Cloud or from PIM 
      • Provides easy issuance of receipts to customer's email address
      • Gives a unified customer experience for order history whether purchases were made from POS or web channels

      The integration should be considered for organization that:

      • want to sell on line and in person, but want to simplify their commerce ecosystem by using the same records and product catalogs regardless of the selling channels 
      • need agility in selling.  For example, Square easily facilitates payment of purchases pop-up events by using Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to quickly create a catalog with specific pricing and product from existing product records
      • want a single purchase history of customers regardless of channel to target loyalty membership marketing