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    Product Information Management (PIM)

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This Salsify Instant On integration is pre-built to support a no-code integration from Elastic Path Composable Commerce to Salsify. The integration can be configured quickly within Commerce Manager (business user tooling) and run immediately to set up your catalog data sync.

Salsify is a powerful product information management (PIM) solution that helps brands quickly adapt to new customer demands, market forces, and category disruptors. Integrated with Elastic Path, businesses can expertly handle multi-brand, multi-channel, and multi-geo use cases. 


  • Delta product sync (Salsify to Elastic Path)
  • Full product sync (Salsify to Elastic Path)
  • Delta product sync (Elastic Path to Salsify)
  • Full product sync (Elastic Path to Salsify)

Supporting Docs



Salsify to Elastic Path Flow


Elastic Path to Salsify Flow

Use Cases

Use Cases:

  • Delta product sync (Salsify to Elastic Path)
    • Products will be synced from Salsify to Elastic Path Composable Commerce. Price, Attributes, Images and Categories will be also loaded in Elastic Path Composable Commerce. Webhooks need to be setup in Salsify to send Product information based on events such as create or update.
  • Full product sync (Salsify to Elastic Path)
    • Migration: If you are using Salsify as a PIM with another commerce provider in your business, and now as part of composability you want to move to Elastic Path Composable Commerce then you don’t need to worry about migrating your catalog related information to Elastic Path Composable Commerce as this integration can load all the data from Salsify.
    • Periodic Full Sync: Sometimes you want to sync your entire catalog periodically. In that case, we have provided a scheduled job which will run on a defined frequency (e.g. every month or every 3 months) and will load full data from Salsify into Elastic Path.
  • Delta/Full product sync (Elastic Path to Salsify)
    • We also provide delta/full product sync from Elastic Path to Salsify. This will be useful when you want to use Elastic Path Composable Commerce as your master source of data and PIM and need to send all core catalog information to Salsify, so that Salsify can feed data to other channels like Amazon, Walmart etc.