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Greenwing Punchout Catalog Connector



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A Punchout catalog is a B2B connection method that allows a buyer to directly interface with an eProcurement system to simplify the buying process. The buyer simply clicks the link in the eProcurement and is directly launched into an Elastic Path storefront via the Punchout Catalog interface. There are no buyer accounts to manage with the direct integration of Punchout Catalog. Once the buyer enters the storefront they can add items to their cart and shop as they would normally. The main difference being when the buyer goes to the checkout process they no longer have to enter shipping, billing, or payment information. Instead, they are transferred back to the eProcurement system with their cart information. They can then submit the order to be approved by their procurement team.

This extension adds Punchout Catalog capability with over 100 eProcurement platforms including Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle, and many more. Connectivity via cXML, OCI, XML and xCBL is supported. The eProcurement Hub is delivered as SAAS and allows the mapping and configuration of all eProcurement platforms. If a buyer needs to connect directly from their eProcurement system to an Elastic Path catalog the Greenwing eProcurement Hub will bring that capability. The buyer shops the same way they have previously only directly connected via the Punchout interface this extension adds to Elastic Path.

Punchout simplifies the complicated purchase flows for B2B by:

  • Automating the ordering process by integrating an Elastic Path catalog directly into an eProcurement system.
  • Increasing sales by listing businesses on the procurement marketing place giving businesses more exposure 
  • Providing  B2B buyers with a traditional B2C shopping experience which everyone is familiar with
  • Decreasing payment times as orders are directly tied in with the procurement system and so can be traced throughout 
  • Increasing customer “stickiness”
  • Improving customer service
  • Open new business and sales channels
  • Win contracts and business over competitors who are not Punchout enabled


Current, features provide:

  • Powerful testing suite: Gain access to the Greenwing Technology Testing Suite that allows full roundtrip testing of the Punchout catalog
  • Add Punchout Connectivity: Allow the user to authenticate directly from their procurement system
  • Add Punchout Cart Return: Allow the user to transfer the cart directly to their procurement systems
  • Connect with any procurement system: Over 100 cXML, OCI, XML, or xCBL system connections available
  • Single or multi-buyer setup: Use one Elastic Path storefront for multiple organizations with different pricing and product mix
  • Secure cloud-based platform

Architectural Diagram

Use Cases

Transition from brick and mortar retail to digital

  • Brick and mortar retail has always been a challenge, but transitioning from a physical store to a fully integrated ecommerce system can be even more challenging.  Government agencies, federal or municipal, order their supplies from single suppliers to provide the necessary goods to a distribution of their agencies or locations.  However, with the onset of COVID suppliers wanted to expand their markets as business to these agencies slowed.  Consequently, suppliers looked to expand their procurement marketplaces to other organizations similar to their current clients. By having the right technology partners in place, such as Punchout for procurement connected to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for products catalogs, enables you to not only keep existing customers, but gain new ones simply and easily.

Growth can be challenging

  • A B2B company often starts out with a small number of clients to service, but as they continue to grow it can be challenging to keep up with increasing number of organizations.  There are over 100 eProcurement systems now available and each client may be using a different one.  Interfacing with each is difficult and time consuming.  Onboarding with Punchout expands the number of eProcurement systems supported by B2B companies allowing them to service clients regardless of their chosen procurement system, and doing so in a timely manner.