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Contentful is the new standard for enterprise content management, offering a content layer to accelerate building digital experiences at scale. We do this by unifying content in a single hub and structuring content so it can be re-used across any digital channel, with an extensible platform to integrate with hundreds of tools. Contentful is the pioneer and market leader in headless CMS, helping the world's largest brands build exceptional digital experiences.

The Contentful-Elastic Path Commerc Cloud integration lets you link products by their SKU, or ID, to entries in Contentful. The Products must be live and published in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. This integration authenticates to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud using an implicit token using your Elastic Path Commerce Cloud api Client ID.

Products that are linked from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud can be easily previewed via the Contentful web app, making it easier for content editors to use the most recently uploaded products across catalogs and sites.


  • Link one or more SKUs, or IDs, of products inside Contentful
  • Full-text search for products in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud when using legacy product api integration
  • EP PXM integration supports filtering by loading all products and filtering locally in your browser. 
  • Preview selected products in Contentful



Supporting Docs

Refer to the following Contentful documentation for additional information:

This accelerator is fully documented.  To get started, click the Go to repo button and download the files.  Read the file included in the connector repository for a step by step guide and you will be on your way:

This accelerator was built by Orium.