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This Algolia Instant On integration is pre-built to support a no-code integration from Elastic Path Composable Commerce to Algolia. The integration can be configured quickly within Commerce Manager and run immediately to set up your Algolia indexes.

The Algolia model provides search as a service, offering web search across a client's website using an externally hosted search engine. Although in-site search has long been available from general web search providers such as Google, this is typically done as a subset of general web searching. The search engine crawls or spiders the web at large, including the client site, and then offers search features restricted to only that target site. 

Algolia's product only indexes their clients' sites and so the search task is far simpler. Data for the client site is pushed from the client to Algolia, then the search box is added simply to the client's web pages. This search model is intended to give the performance and sophistication advantages of a full in-house search engine operating on the native web site back-end database, but with the simplicity of setup of using a site-restricted Google search.


  • Build long-lasting experiences
  • Keep control and visibility
  • Easy implementation and iteration
  • Build an optimized and performant search experience

Key Features:

  • Full catalog updates
  • Delta catalog updates
  • Handles multiple catalogs

Supporting Docs

Algolia videos:

Click the button to review the documentation on how to get your Elastic Path Composable Commerce store catalog to sync with Algolia leveraging this robust search engine to drive your commerce experiences.