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Commerce Solution Assessment

Choosing a commerce solution can be a daunting task. Take our 2-minute assessment to get a personalized recommendation of the best platforms, frontends, payment gateways, and more that fit your needs.

Step 1 of 9 1. Team Size

What is your estimated development team size?

Step 2 of 9 2. Technical Experience

How would you describe the level of technical experience of your eCommerce team?

Step 3 of 9 3. Digital Revenue Strategy

How would you describe your digital revenue strategy?

Step 4 of 9 4. Composition

What is the your ideal composition of your eCommerce ecosystem?

Step 5 of 9 5. Stores

How many stores (geographies & brands) do you envision managing?

Step 6 of 9 6. Change Frequency

How often do you anticipate making changes to your customer facing website?

Step 7 of 9 7. Frontend Team Structure

Which best describes your frontend team structure?

Step 8 of 9 8. Frontend Operating Structure

Which best aligns with your frontend operating structure?

Step 9 of 9 Thank You for taking Our eCommerce Evaluation Assessment

Thank You for taking Our eCommerce Evaluation Assessment