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Bounteous - Business-Ready Solution for Jamstack B2C Commerce


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Bounteous' open source tooling for blazing-fast headless eCommerce front ends provides a Gridsome Source Plugin and Gridsome Starter for a complete end-to-end template for you to quickly spin up your own storefront in a fraction of the time.

Bounteous' starter template for Elastic Path’s Commerce Cloud based on Gridsome, the popular Vue.js-based JAMstack framework, provides developers with a robust starting point from which to build powerful eCommerce experiences that support rapid development of rich, integrated transactional journeys.

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Supporting Docs

All supporting documentation can be found here:

  • Gridsome Source Plugin - Pulls in Products, Categories, Collections, Brands and Files into Grisdome's build-time Graphic QL References between Nodes are maintained and are queryable. 
  • Product Images are also pulled in and are fully compatible with Gridsome's g-image component allowing for easy cropping and resizing. 
  • The schema is very similar to the data resturned by the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud JavaScript SDK
  • Gridsome Starter - template for a complete functional, and transactional Elastic Path Commerce Cloud store.  Get started with just one line of code (gridsome create my-gridsome-moltin-store bounteous/gridsome-starter-moltin)

Additional documentation:

Use Cases

Empowering use cases can be found here.